If You Don’t Talk About Yourself Then No One Will

The reason I am talking about this is that I found many people saying that their hard work and quality of work will tell the world, while this phrase is very ideal to hear and show that people have self-integrity but it has a basic flaw and that flaw is Time.

The most important asset you have in your life is not money, not property, not your hard work, not your intelligence but the Time you have, you have very limited time in your life and you don’t have control over it, its an external single most powerful factor which can change dynamics very quickly.

Why people don’t talk about their contribution to work

  1. Because of pseudo-self-respect
  2. Because they think that people will judge them and call them bootlicker of your boss

Why people should talk about their work

  1. Because it’s their right to talk about your work
  2. Because people judge you anyway, let them do it and if you are using your right to talk about your work then it doesn’t mean you are the bootlicker, remember people can be jealous and you don’t want to restrict yourself over what others say, It’s your life and it should be your choice
  3. Because if your immediate boss know what exactly is your contribution and skills, then he can take more risk with you because he understands your skill in a better way
  4. Since he understands your skill in a better way it will put you both in a strategic situation  from where the company will rise and along with company you will rise
  5. Addition responsibility means additional chances of learning things
  6. It will save your time, it actually boosts your skills in less time, so your growth will be more

Why people should not talk about their work

  1. They actually didn’t do anything
  2. There is no motivation in work
  3. They are not confident enough

In my career, on a motivational basis, I met 3 kinds of boss

  1. Who don’t know how to motivate their team member ( Dirtiest player in the game)
  2. Who knows about it but in theory, they will talk about it but never practice
  3. Who actually motivate and praise their team member ( Very rare )

I called type 1 leechers, who can get your idea, and tell upper authority that it is their own idea, now if you don’t talk about your contribution you are the potential victims of such people, and I am sure you don’t want to be a victim so open up and take the credit for your work if someone is not giving.

Type 2 is in the learning phase ( They think they are practising it but they are not in reality), they have created a paradox around them thinking they are type 3 Boss but they are lying to themselves and their juniors know is pretty well. so If you don’t talk about their work it will not push them to appreciate hence motivation.

Type 3 is rare and they will give you the credit for your work

so if you do not talk about your contribution

  1. You will not be using your right
  2. you will be the victim of ” Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge chaar log”
  3. Your growth will be slow
  4. You will lose valuable time
  5. You will be Victim of credit theft

In the last let’s open up and talk about your contribution, talk about how you achieve that success or that failure, the more people know the process the more opinion they have, the more opinion they have the more questions comes to you, the more questions come to you the more solution you have, the more solution you have the more your skill grows.

If you ask me what is a Job to you, for me it is an exploration of finding your ability and constantly challenging it so that you master that skill or set of skills to make changes in the industry you are working. the single aim for any job is to increase revenue on the company level and increase and acquire new skills on the personal level, for that you need to have additional responsibility and for this, you can fasten the process by talking about it.

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