Anger and Its Relevancy With Learning

Most people say that you should control anger but in reality, you have to control the frustration caused by anger. Anger can be a great motivator and it has been observed it was anger that make many people and movements successful

As per Wikipedia ” Anger  is an intense emotional response.”

In Human psychology, Anger is divided into 3 parts

  1. Hasty and sudden anger is connected to the impulse for self-preservation.
  2. Settled and deliberate anger is a reaction to perceived deliberate harm or unfair treatment by others. This form of anger is episodic.
  3. Dispositional anger is related more to character traits than to instincts or cognitions and cases of scrutum contractions. Irritability, sullenness and churlishness are examples of the last form of anger.

Here we are talking about the 2nd type of anger, it is dangerous as well as can be the most useful weapon in your arsenal

It is something which boils up in you, it’s not a sudden outburst or a personality trait but something boiling inside of you, it can take the form of depression or source of inspiration, the call is always yours, this kind of anger is the main source of many social movements, it can also be addictive if not controlled.

Here I am not talking about Dealing with Anger, I am talking about Controlling it and more ever shaping it in such a way that it becomes a source of inspiration instead of a symbol of frustration, most of the youth I know are dealing with this kind of thing, they are frustrated with many things and ends up hurting themself and others, let me draw some picture and you might inspire and understand how to control and shape anger.

Let’s define every emotion we have in two elements, the aggressive one into the fire and the calm one into the water.

Happiness will be water, satisfaction will be water, love will be water but hate will be fire, anger will be fire and hunger will be fire.

Now Take two emotions and pin it somewhere in our mind, we will refer to them after some time

  1. Anger – Fire
  2. Hunger – Fire

Now come back to learning, we have a big question ” Who learns more or rapidly ?”

The clear answer is “Who has curiosity learns more.”

Curiosity is a form of hunger, we call it hunger for knowing things.

Another question pops up in our mind that why Hunger is a fire element, why did I put it there.

The answer is, there is various reason and studies that suggest that Hunger feeds a high level of violence, or we can take a quote from Father of Nation of India Mahatma Gandhi ” Hunger is the worst form of violence” and emotion of violence related to self-preservation here, Now see the 1st kind of Anger I defined earlier, this is the reason it is a fire element.

Since we know it is easy to transfer one kind of energy to the same kind of energy to one vessel to another than to convert it to another form and then transfer, you just need a controlling factor in the environment, we are going to do the same.

So what we have till now

  1. Anger
  2. Curiosity

Now we consider the vessel of Anger is filled with energy and the vessel of knowledge is empty, the controlling factor is curiosity which will become a medium that routes through learning and increase one’s knowledge, the environment here will be a community.

Yes, a community, a human filled community that shares things, shares knowledge and let their ego of learning be satisfied, honestly if you don’t have an audience you will not learn anything, the learning and knowledge need satisfaction of ego which again route through a community.

You are angry and you need to show the world that you are not what they think, you are much more than that.

Use that anger to learn things, distract your mind from what is bothering you, shape that anger to show the world what you are. As a famous quote is saying ” Don’t take revenge, Kill them with success and bury them with the smile”, this can be the most productive and best revenge ever.

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